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This site will ask for your location for location tracking so your service provider can find you and you could find your service provider (optional).

Easy to use process. Just chose the local professional closest to you then check reviews before you decide which professional you’re going to use. Know if the provider is local & where they are at in our live real-time tracking system. You will know how far the service provider is and how long the provider will take to get to your location! Give us a call if you have any questions toll free 1-800-897-0411

Download our live mobile app from the app store. Just click here on the QR code from your mobile device it's free!


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I found a locksmith that responded to my situation during a difficult time, prompt, courteous, and inexpensive. Great service, highly recommended..


Anytime I need a service I will use Service Map again and will recommend to everyone.


Great service! I needed a locksmith and this service worked great! I found the closes locksmith to me and everything went smoothly so I give five stars.


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Service Maps Live we are the leading platform for connecting individuals looking for household, auto, and commercial services with top-quality, independent contractor service professionals like locksmiths to home cleaning services. Service Maps Live instantly matches thousands of customers every day with trusted professionals in cities all around the world. With a seamless 60 sec - sign up process this is a 100% free. Service Maps Live we are the quickest, most convenient way to find home services.

Easy to use process. Just chose the professional close to you then check reviews before you decide which professional you’re going to use.

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Tomas Smith
Jasmine Parker
Production Director
Tracy James
Web Designer
Joseph Nells
Operation Manager


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John JonesUser

We use Service Maps daily for our clients and us. It makes managing our delivery's so much easier. I could not do my job without Service Maps. We can watch our shipments live as they come in. We do the same for our clients that are using Service Maps Live.

Michelle VeldezUser

I used Service Maps Live for a locksmith, and it worked great. I found a local locksmith that wasn't too far, and I could see them as they were coming to my location like Uber. Cool service and the best part it was free!

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